Supernatural vs Superspiritual

I’m attending a school right now that is teaching about the supernatural.  An element that is found absent in much faith today.  As, I’m learning this stuff the wheels turn in my mind often and I have my own personal beliefs that are not so much challenged, but are definitely having to be re-examined.  I then try to put those beliefs into words.  Now, I’m a Christian and appreciate anyone’s genuine pursuit of God, not feeling that my faith restricts me from interacting with others pursuing God, whether in the same faith or one that differs.  In fact, I find humanity’s desire to know the divine one of the most beautiful expressions of humanity itself.  I find beauty even in an atheist wrestling with the idea of deity in their mind.  It is fascinating to me how people come to a conclusion in this area of belief.  


I also appreciate the supernatural.  I love Jesus and believe He is God in human form.  He was a man who was always supernatural and never superspiritual.  I believe superspirituality has two forms.  It can either look like people loving law or commands or rules or doctrine or belief or even the Bible over loving God and man.  I’m not saying those things are bad, but if they are not driven by a love for God and for man, then I feel the priority is out of order, thus making it not good.  Jesus demonstrated a preached a love for God and a love for man above all that other stuff.  He did that because that’s what mankind’s initial nature was.  It was mankind’s initial purpose.  It’s what Jesus called people back to.  

Superspirituality also looks like people chasing the supernatural, placing it above love for God and love for man.  Jesus was not always about signs and wonders because that was not his motivation.  He was about love.  He performed signs and wonders as an act of love to extending the hand of God to the hand of man.  In fact, some of Jesus’ most moving miracles never outwardly demonstrated signs or wonders or healing or miracles.  They demonstrated love.  He physically died on a cross, he knelt at his disciples feet and washed their feet from a place of humility.  He embraced children as the ran to him.  He wept in mourning.  Jesus demonstrated love.  He was all about the supernatural, because supernatural always leads out in love not in spiritual hoopla.         

A No Regret Approach


This weekend my wife and I found out that a friend of ours, Brianne Lyon had past away.  Her mom and her died instantly in a head on collision in South Africa.  This girl had been living and working in South Africa and her mom had been in South Africa visiting her daughter.  

This young girl had been a student of ours while we were working in Northern Ireland with Youth With A Mission.  A few months after her school had ended she came back on staff with us.  Over that time we were blessed with the opportunity to get to know her.  

She was a genuinely beautiful girl.  And, we believe in who she is so much that we committed ourselves to support her in the things she stepped out to do.  She is the type of person that made positive impacts wherever she was.  She has the biggest heart and walks in love.  I look up to her.  I remember saying to my wife, “Can you imagine how the world would be if we had thousands of Brianne’s loving the world?”.  She lived life with a ‘no regret approach’ and in complete meekness.  How you find that balance, I have no idea.    

Yet, today I find that I have regret.  I regret not telling her how incredible she is.  I regret not telling her how much she meant to me.  

Words are SO POWERFUL.  Positive words change so much.  They not only change the people we speak them to, but they change us.  Not speaking positive words has an equally powerful effect.  People go around remaining unblessed and changed, and we go around with regret.  Today, I’m taking Brianne’s no regret approach and am going to contact whoever comes to mind and tell them how much they mean to me.  That way I live without regret and bless at the same time.  I guess I’m repenting in a way.  The Bible says that God’s kindness leads us to repentance.  Today God’s kindness looks like Brianne’s life.  Thank you Brianne for all you are and all you did.  You’re very special to me.

The Meditations of Self

I was thinking about Adam & Eve the other day and how they impacted all of humanity and the earth.  It’s clear that disobedience is what gave way to humanity’s current state.  What gave way to disobedience is not as clear.  But, where I spent most of my time, was considering man’s sinful state.  Eating from the tree of “The Knowledge of Good and Evil” had major repercussions.  Yet, the motion that took place was very subtle.  Adam & Eve’s gaze went from Him to him.  It went from the heart of heaven to the heart of self.  He symbolically bowed his head.  They went from having a God awareness to having self awareness.  Now, I’m not saying that self awareness is necessarily bad or evil.  But, let’s be honest, it’s not God.  

Adam & Eve’s self-awareness turned into self-consumption.  That’s the slippery slope with many of these things.  Even good things.  We can make anything that is not God, our own personal God.  Even if they are Godly.  Let’s take serving the poor for example.  That is a good act.  It is a Godly act.  But, if we take God out of the equation of this Godly act.  It can become dangerous, just like the slippery slope of self-awareness.  If God has no part with or in us serving the poor, things like pride begin to create a home.  

It’s important that we turn our navel gazing back to God gazing.  People are meant to be God-gazers.  And, when we’re in the business of God-gazing the world becomes endless.  A while back a prophetic evangelist named Sean Smith, , spoke on a portion of scripture in Genesis 15, where God is speaking to then, Abram of the covenant that they were going to be entering into.  In verse 5, God has to bring Abram outside to further communicate to him.  It’s evident that Abram was inside, most likely inside a tent.  His perspective was limited.  By his responses we can see that he’s operating from a self perspective.  ‘My household, my heir.  And, if God told him to look up he’d still only be able to see his tent.  God had to bring him outside to give him a glimpse of Himself and His promises.  God had to turn Abram into a God-gazer.  Now, granted this portion has to do with the promises of God, but how much more could we see if we began being God-gazers?

A Life Worth Living

During worship at church on Sunday, we sang this song Because He Lives. The last line in the chorus said, “Life is worth the living, just because He lives”.  This made me start thinking.  I can’t argue that I believe that life is worth living. In fact, this song was communicating a truth that I’m quite passionate about.

Life is a gift.  I didn’t negotiate myself into this world.  Life was given to me as a gift and most gifts have value.  Therefore, it’s worth living.  Yet, I take it for granted so much.  And, I do that by not living.  I just kind of waste life away slowly, day-by-day-by-day.

There are people out there that may have never experienced life or experienced living life.  Harsh lives have prevented many people from living.    This makes me immensely sad.  That’s why it’s a truth I’m so passionate about.  I want to see people begin living and experience a life that’s worth living.

Again life is a gift, a valuable gift.  If I would just take the time to consider and meditate on life, maybe I would become grateful for it, acknowledging that it is a gift.  And, maybe that would help me live it.  “Life is worth living, just because He lives.”  -Bill Gaither